Membership Advantages
Join Small Elegant Hotels NOW
- Participation in a global referral network of hundreds of small elegant hotels
- Low membership fee
- No commission to pay
- Guests can book directly with the hotel
- Participation in a link network program with hundreds of independent hotels
- Introduction to thousands of new and repeat guests
- A full page online presentation with all necessary information and pictures on the SEH website.
- Connecting to your existing online reservation page or using our reservation inquiry form
- Worldwide recognition through our strong name
- Adding value to your hotel and your hotel website by stating your membership
- Reach a wide audience of the exact guest group you are looking for
- Leverage effect through the SEH link program with hundreds of member hotels 24/7
- An opportunity to be found and recognized
- Partnering with a name that is well known worldwide
- Joining in with a strong and growing network
- Adding value to your hotel by adding the SEH member logo on your website, advertisements, stationeries and more
- Guests will choose your hotel over the hotel next door by seeing the SEH Quality Seal and the SEH Flag or SEH Hotel Entrance Sign, which are optional
- Personal guest referral from other member hotels and hotel guests
- National and international growing guest group every day
- International marketing campaigns
- Individual marketing campaigns
- Email campaigns to over 40.000 potential guests on a regular basis
- Optional employee rate program and more
- An employment advertising section to list your vacant positions
- Social Media posts on a regular basis
- The use of the SEH Facebook Fan Page to promote your offers
- An employee information page on Facebook
- A Forum for Hotel Manager and Owners on Linkedin
- A global VIP Guest Loyalty Program optional
- Introduction of your Special Offer and Packages
- A full page color print presentation of your hotel in the annual updated hotel guidebook
- Reach thousands of new potential guests

Small Elegant Hotels offers marketing and recognition that would not be possible for a small hotel on its own.

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