A Palazzo Busdraghi****

Italy, Tuscany, Lucca

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Italy, Tuscany, Lucca
SEH Wellness/Spa Hotels
SEH Hotel A Palazzo Busdraghi, Residenza d'Epoca,
Via Fillungo, 170, 55100 Lucca, Italia
Fon::+39 0583 950856
Fax: +39 0583 409671
Manager Marta Giusti

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7 Rooms

Rates from EUR 80.00 to EUR 300.00

110.00 to 190.00

80.00 to 200.00

Deluxe/Junior Suite
100.00 to 300.00

95.00 to 250.00

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A Palazzo Busdraghi, Period Hotel

You are Welcome in our Residenza,
Our small boutique hotel, facing via Fillungo and via Busdraghi, in the heart of Lucca!

We will welcome you into an elegant and pleasant atmosphere, attending your visit with care and attention,
to let you have an unforgettable stay in our town!

You will like the central location and the closer Monuments, the City Walls, the round Place of Amphitheatre
and the wonderful SanFrediano Church!

  • Internet
  • Wireless Internet
  • Lounge
  • Laundry Service
  • Breakfast Buffet
  • Jacuzzi
  • Parking
  • Cable TV
  • Room Service